Ask Us About Your Pudding

  • Are Kozy Shack® products gluten free?

    Yes, all Kozy Shack® products are “gluten free” and have undergone an extensive evaluation of ingredients and manufacturing processes to ensure they have less than < 20 ppm gluten.

  • Are the milk and eggs used in Kozy ShackMC puddings and flans cooked?

    The milk and eggs used are pasteurized before we make the pudding. In addition, during the cooking process, the pudding mixture is heated to temperatures that ensure product safety. We recommend checking to be sure the package seal is intact and the product has not expired before eating it.

  • Can Kozy ShackMC products be frozen?

    We do not recommend freezing any of our products. Besides, they’re too delicious to save for later.

  • How do I store and serve pudding?

    All our pudding is stamped with a Use By date, although most pudding enthusiasts enjoy their treat long before that day comes. Until then, store your pudding in the refrigerator. If you’re planning to save some for later, we recommend using a clean spoon to scoop out your serving into a separate bowl. The rest should go back in the fridge and be eaten within a few days. If you really want to treat yourself, consider serving pudding with cookies, pound cake, fresh fruit, chocolate sauce or whipped cream.

  • Once the container is opened, how long will the pudding remain fresh?

    One reason our pudding is located in the refrigerated section is because it likes to be near the milk and eggs that make it so delicious. Another is because we only use wholesome ingredients and no artificial preservatives. For the best quality, pudding should be opened before the Use By date. Since storage and handling conditions vary, once the package is open, it is best to eat it within a few days. Pudding that looks, smells or tastes off should always be discarded.

  • What does the “Use By” date mean?

    Fact: Every tub of Kozy ShackMC Pudding is stamped with a Use By date. Made-up fact: No pudding has ever lasted that long because it’s usually eaten right away. But in case it does, that is the date through which the unopened product will remain fresh. We do not guarantee quality after the Use By date.